"A seasoned tenor player from New York with a big appealing tone"



"...he's got that ballad-and-blues soaked club jazz feel that no school has ever taught or ever will"

Jeff Simon Buffalo News


"New York City abounds with working musicians trying to make their mark in jazz circles. Whether as a fan or music professional, discovering these musicians is a delight, especially when the musician has "arrived " and developed a true voice in the jazz tradition.
      Jeff Hackworth is one such musician. He’s achieved a deep understanding of the tenor sax and he plays with assurance and a keen mastery of the drenching emotions of his horn. Houston Person introduced me to Jeff and has been a big influence and mentor in Hackworth’s career. I endorse this enthusiasm, and I am honored to add these words."

Sid Gribetz WKCR-FM NYC 

“Jeff Hackworth plays in the spirit of master tenor players such as Gene Ammons, 
Stanley Turrentine and Houston Person.
...talent such as his is bound to rise to the top” 

Bob Porter WBGO NYC

“...he wields a mean tenor that's reminiscent not only of Fathead in his prime but also of prominent soul/blues spokesman from Illinois Jacquet and Lockjaw Davis to Stanley Turrentine and Houston Person.
Hackworth's technique and concepts are impressive ...clean muscular sound...”

Cadence Magazine

With his big tone and hard-swinging style, New York City based saxophonist, Jeff Hackworth possesses all the right ingredients to produce soulful, intelligent and passionate music. His honed his sound and feel while playing countless gigs in the smoky clubs of his hometown, Buffalo NY.

“There was a lot of work in Buffalo, and I mean work in the blue collar sense.” Jeff says, “I played in many blues and R&B bands and on the jazz side there was an underground, yet thriving organ trio scene that I gravitated to. It was in those clubs where I met some great older musicians who had been out on the road and had come back home. They taught me how to play.” 

 In addition to paying these dues he also spent time on the road doing big-band swing with the Tommy Dorsey Band (Buddy Morrow edition) and blues with Matt “Guitar” Murphy’s band. He has performed with artists as diverse as Buddy Rich, Mel Torme', the Temptations, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chubby Checker and the Goo Goo Dolls.

 “Working for leaders like Buddy Morrow and Matt “Guitar” Murphy was an incredible education.” Jeff explains, “They expected nothing less than your best, no matter how far you had traveled that day to get to the gig.” 

 “I think music should have that balance between intellect and soulfulness” says Jeff  “that’s why I have always loved the sound of people like Houston Person, Stanley Turrentine, David "Fathead" Newman and Gene Ammons. It’s a style of playing that connects with an audience at many levels.”