Review from Buffalo News

Hackworth has a variant of that big "chitlin circuit" tenor sound that people loved so much in Gene Ammons, David "Fathead" Newman and Houston Person. But he's not afraid of the multiphonic screams and furious flurries of notes that distinguished the tenor generations that came after them. There's no question that the music of Hackworth's quartet here, with vibraphonist Jay Hoggard, Hammond B-3 player Radam Schwartz and drummer Earl Grice, is in the tradition of the music that once held sway at great Blue Collar Buffalo jazz clubs such as the Pine Grill, the Bon Ton and Jan's, but it's all played by the kind of musician who, as someone once described a politician, is not the kind of fellow who's ever hesitant about which opening in a revolving door to enter. And there's also no question that vibist Hoggard adds an element here you don't often hear with such groups. It couldn't be more welcome, in this case. (Jeff Simon, Buffalo News)