Buried treasure here and a bit out of the blue too. Hackworth is a tenor saxophonist of soul, facility and behemoth sound who grew up in Buffalo and steeped himself in the working class tenor traditions of the Pine Grill the whole Gene Ammons, Stanley Turrentine, Ike Quebec and Houston Person line that also, in a different way, so impressed and formed Grover Washington Jr. Hackworth's tone is harder than, say, Quebec's and his attack more nimble but he's got that ballad-and-blues soaked club jazz feel that no school has ever taught or ever will. When Hackworth moved to New York eight years ago, he eventually hooked up with Person himself who has now produced two savory meat and potatoes soul jazz discs with Hackworth. Person picked the players and they're solid as oak. The repertoire is mostly as traditional as Ellington's "Just Sitting and a Rockin'." Put it this way the newest tune on the disc is Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love." Among the players chosen by Person are the redoubtable Lafayette Harris Jr. This is the music where retro and timeless meet. ...Jeff Simon  Buffalo News